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Brand new Volvo Dealership launches in Sandyford, Dublin

By March 27, 2017April 3rd, 2017No Comments
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Gaelite supplied and installed all external and internal branding elements at this new Volvo dealership recently opened for Spirit in Sandyford, Dublin. This is the first purpose-built Volvo dealership in Ireland to conform to the Volvo Retail Experience (VRE) standard and also encompasses a new aftersales facility complying to the Volvo Personal Service (VPS) method and presentation.

The Volvo Dealer Network is currently undergoing a nationwide upgrade to these new standards and Gaelite will be furnishing the necessary branding elements for these projects as they progress.


The exterior for new construction features an etched glazed exterior in combination with a metal, rainscreen panelled finish. Gaelite will provide Volvo signs along with the main entrance portico, display window surrounds, etched glazing effect and the rainscreen panelling when required.

Concept drawings to Volvo VRE / VPS standards are provided by Scanplan initially for approval by Volvo and once approved are taken on board by a local design team.

Scanplan continues to liaise with Gaelite, the local design team and the contractor to ensure that the final dealership presentation complies to the stringent Volvo guidelines and standards.


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